Pay It Forward refer other freelance people for jobs you cannot do!

Most of my freelance work comes through referrals from freelancers or clients. It’s the cheapest form of advertising and you usually get a better quality of client. For this to work for you however you must return the favour! There is a ‘pay it forward’ ┬áside to this concept. If someone refers you either refer them for another job you cannot do or simply do it for another freelancer. Either way you will become known as someone who shares work and someone who is reliable to cover someone else when they are unavailable.

A second rule is never and I mean never take that client away from the person who referred you. Politely ask if they have already asked the person who referred you next time they offer you work. This creates a reputation of trust between those that refer work to you. If you take a client from someone who has referred you for a job, you will make a bit more money in the short term but you will find that all the referral work stops! In the longterm this will kill you, so don’t be tempted by the quick buck! Freelance industries are a complex web of relationships between freelancers and suppliers. If you are good and you share work your reputation will spread like wildfire. If you are bad and steal work, the same will happen!