How to get freelance work fast

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In my experience of freelancing over the last 15 years I have found that the fastest way to get work is from friends and current clients in the industry referring me. It’s free and usually fast. When you are on a project ask your client if there’s anything else coming up that you can help with. Stay ‘Top of mind’ with your client. When they think about someone to hire for a project they are more likely to hire someone they have seen recently or someone who is already on a project.

Most freelance workers wait for the phone to ring. Most of the time it won’t and when it rings it’s usually last minute jobs that tend to be the nightmare projects for low pay and crazy deadlines. get ahead by trying to fill your diary a month in advance. You are the salesperson for you! Nobody else will sell for you until you get a stream of loyal fans of you to sell on your behalf. When you get a handful of clients that like you they will sell your skills and it tends to be good work as well. Referral marketing is by far the best way to get work. You probably won’t need a C.V. either because your referee has already endorsed you, it doesn’t get better than that!

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